Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Over the Water

Don't you just love ferries? I think they are magic. Living on an island, they are also pretty necessary. This has been a wonderful summer on the island. Filled with outdoor Shakespeare, picnics, sleepovers and the comfort of being wrapped in love by my dear friends. This morning I felt Summer's lovely frayed edges as Autumn shook out her petticoats in the early morning air. Last magical days of summer...Better get back out into it...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Safety and Raspberries

There is a young deer who has taken to napping in my back yard. He lifts his head when I go outside, but doesn't run away. He also eats fresh raspberries and is quite at home. We have a silent agreement about the roses. Sometimes I just watch him out my window as he wanders lazily about. I am struck with how utterly safe he seems to feel.

We all need to feel safe. At home. We need to be able to take a nap. To rest. To simply be. I am honored that my friend seems so comfortable with me. (I hope all my friends do as well, even the two legged ones)


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