Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blossoms, Blackberries, Bees, Blackbirds and Bats

I woke to a lonely bat having lost his way flying around the living room in swirling circles. He flew out the open door and I wondered if the light hurt his fragile eyes. And however did he get in?

Suddenly, even with the first vestiges of Autumn showing her lovely face, there have been blossoms everywhere. Almost a last delicate push in the waning Indian Summer air, before the trees dress themselves up in bright, brazen colors for a last dance before winter. The air is singing with scent. And a new family of bumblebees arrived today.

The pear and apple trees are lush and so full there are dozens of blackbirds and ravens eating the swollen fruit. One tree was nearly black with the beating and flutter of feathers. I went to pick some fruit and the birds barely moved. Assured, and rightly, that there was plenty to go around.

Sometimes there is so much. So much bounty and beauty that I can barely contain my joy. Something in my chest cracks open, letting it all in.

But for now, it is time to roll the sleeves, don the apron and make a few batches of blackberry lemon cream scones.


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