Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moon Rise

There is a wind advisory on the island for tonight. The night sky is clear at times and then suddenly cloudy. The moon, shy tonight, peaks out from behind clouds to show her face. The beach is showing the petticoats of her white caps as the wind picks up. The day was misty and filled with the mystery of magic and wonder that comes with mist and fog. What's around the next corner?

As this new year yawns awake, I am reminded of all the beginnings and endings we experience in this life. There are moments I am sufficed with joy and enchantment as I work the winter garden or walk down to the beach on country lanes. And then it takes me days to recover from the kind of horror that is Haiti right now. And on the small, personal scale, my mum is mending! And sometimes it's all we can do to simply be present with the little things.

So, this blustery night, I am waiting for the storm to hit, the moon to hide and the sea to come alive and dance. And for tonight, that's just enough.


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