Monday, June 15, 2009

Moon Day

I have always loved Mondays. I am aware that this is not necessarily a popular point of view. I know people who refer to Monday as "Moanday" and perhaps that rings true for them.

For me, Mondays are fresh and new with a whole week ahead, for better or worse, filled with the daily flotsam and jetsam of living. The infant day of the week as it begins to age towards the wise and mature Sunday. I love the romance of the name. The origin of Monday came from Moon Day or the day the Goddess of the Moon was honored.

But honestly, I just love beginnings. A clean slate. An empty stage. A blank page. That moment when anything is possible. When something is about to begin. It takes my breath away.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful post. It enabled me to see Monday as the beginning - more mature we become, more precious the Mondays become - the beginnings start to hide in memoirs at the approach of the sunset.
    ...while sunset may have some wisdom, it's the youth that always refresh and inspire by the awakening.
    Your verses helped me greatly to put my emotions into the words - Thank you.
    Let me invite you to my blogs. I hope you will have a good time with my pictures too and will double my current joy to meet you by leaving your comments.

  2. I just love your positive attitude. I will think about this post the next time that I moan about Monday.

    Take care:)



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